Welcome to AVANCE, Inc. - A.R.M.S

For over four decades, AVANCE has sought to unlock America’s potential by strengthening families in at-risk communities through effective two-generation education and family support programs. Our dedication to strengthening the family unit enhances parenting skills that nurture the optimal development of children. Ultimately giving AVANCE’s parents and children the tools needed to experience personal, social and economic success and break the chains of poverty.

As we move forward to create a comprehensive system that inclusively relates to family enrichment through education and cooperative community engagement, it is the intent of our online database portal to capture, manage and disseminate data and reports – in real time- to all interested chapters and licensees. We are seeking to eliminate manual record keeping and enhance family case history. The online portal will eliminate the overwhelming task of manual documentation and move to simple data inputting.

Thank you and come along with us as we move forward in making AVANCE Inc. comprehensively better over the next decades by creating a home environment for our families that value learning and fully engaged in their community.